Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Five DID YOU KNOW? Facts About YouthReach International

Five DID YOU  KNOW? Facts About YouthReach International

1.  This is our 20th year as a ministry!  Before Facebook or Twitter or weird Lay's Potato Chip flavors based on Super Bowl contests, YouthReach International has been proclaiming Christ to young people around the world.  We'll be celebrating this milestone later this year in a city very likely near you.  More information on that will be coming to you in the not too far off future.  If you were paying attention back in 1997 you might remember this logo from the original name of our ministry:


2.  If you ever shop at (and we know you do) please know that we participate in the SMILE program.  By choosing us* as your SMILE recipient you can see part of the money you spend at Amazon given back to our ministry.  For more information about this please contact us at  If you know how to set up yourself then please do so when you see the screen shot below:

*Please note our official name with Amazon is World Wide Youth Camps, Inc. dba YouthReach International

3.  There's a new country we're beginning to focus on this year.  Through a growing partnership with Lithuania Christian College ( YouthReach International will soon be influencing undergraduate students from 20+ countries in ways raising their awareness of and response to orphans in the home countries and future countries they will live and work in upon graduation.  We think this is very exciting news.

4.  Developing mentors is key to our ministry.  That's understood.  Where those mentors come from might surprise you sometimes.  Did you know that right now in 4 of our 11 mentoring communities that orphans are now mentoring orphans?  Who better to speak to the needs and challenges of orphans than those who have walked through those same challenges lead by the loving presence and counsel of mentors. 


 5.  YouthReach International is announcing today that Summer Camp Sponsorship Season is open!  We need to locate partners to help us secure $36000 in the next 8 weeks to see orphans in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus attend camps in their areas where the Gospel, hope, relationships, mentoring, and the just plain fun of camp awaits them.  Will you consider helping us meet this goal?  The average cost of a sponsorship is $450 but know you can give more than that or less than that.  As each part does what it can we can be sure that this aspect of our Mentoring movement can reach as many orphans as possible.  To make a gift online go to and use the Gift Note line to say "Summer Camp Sponsorship."  You may send a check to our office with a Post It Note saying it is for Summer Camp Sponsorships.  Our address is:

YouthReach International
1911 Grayson Hwy
Suite 8-344
Grayson, GA  30017 

Rob Browne
Chief Encourager
Executive Director

678-935-0220 ext. 103
404-518-5646 Cell
678-935-9674 Fax

          1911 Grayson Hwy, Ste 8-344
          Grayson, GA 30017

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