Monday, March 16, 2015

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You...

You know the rest of the song and I’m really risking a lot using this picture below as a reminder that tomorrow is our Spring Ministry Briefing!  No, that was not me when I was 9 years old but thank you for asking.



The Ministry Briefing is a living, breathing, interactive update of our ministry’s progress in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.  It’s free to attend, includes lunch, and we tell you in advance it’s not a fundraising event so leave your checkbooks at home.  Details are below.  Please RSVP today to if you can come.  Thank you and see you tomorrow!







Rob Browne

Chief Encourager
Executive Director

678-935-0220 ext. 103

404-518-5646 Cell

678-935-9674 Fax

          1911 Grayson Hwy, Ste 8-344

          Grayson, GA 30017



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