Thursday, January 29, 2015

Orphans Are Mentoring Orphans in Ukraine

It's no longer a dream or a plan in Ukraine.  It is now a reality.  I remember nearly a year ago in Minsk, Belarus, when one of our Ukraine staff members approached me at a Chick-fil-A SERVE Seminar and asked to speak with me about something on his heart.  He said, "I've been thinking that the best group of candidates we have to mentor orphans are those orphans who we are now mentoring."  Honestly, I played dumb and asked him to share in more detail what he meant and how it might work.  He did just that and the activity of the last year in Ukraine has brought us to this point of orphan graduates now mentoring orphans.  Below is an edited excerpt from a note from one of our other team members in Ukraine.  Enjoy what you read below and realize Kostya's vision is now an absolute reality:


Today, 9 kids who graduated from orphanages 3 years ago will be joining Kostya Voropayev (YouthReach International Director of Mentor Recruiting and Training) for their second visit to an orphanage in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky.  


This is wonderful because these graduates who were served by YouthReach International Mentors while they were living at an orphanage are now learning how to serve other orphaned children in a mentoring role.  May our Father richly bless them as they begin giving back the love, encouragement, and mentoring they have received.


The following photo is from the first visit that 4 of the graduates and Kostya Voropayev made to this orphanage.


I can't say enough good about Kostya Voropayev and his leadership in Kiev.  Tony Morrow and his family are now on the ground there to coach and encourage Kostya as Kostya coaches and encourages this new group of mentors.  I like that Tony provides the report about this visit but it was Kostya, a Ukrainian, who is leading the orphans, all Ukrainian, to serve together the Ukrainian children there.  Together, they are seeing their ministry and impact multiplied in ways we've only prayed for in the past. 


Rejoice with us for there truly is much to be thankful for.


Yours for them,



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