Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year-End Heartwarming Story #6 from YouthReach International

Orphaned, But Not Alone” Year-End Campaign


Six stories in six days.  Each one points to some point of impact this ministry is having – orphans, mentors, partners, staff, future leaders and then today’s last story which you’ll see below.  Thank you for following along the last 6 days and the last 12 months with the journey God has had this ministry on.  It’s been a year unlike any other and one that gives us great hope for the future as well.


We chose this “Orphaned, But Not Alone” idea as a tag line for our EOY Year Campaign because it does focus on both a reality and a hope.  With your partnership, the work of mentors on the ground in each of our countries, and of course God’s amazing grace, hope is being delivered daily to children with no parents and no families.  It’s an exciting journey we’re on and we thank you for sharing it with us.


Given all you’ve heard and read the last 6 days, prayerfully respond as the Lord so leads/enables you to via the following means:


1.  Click on the Donate Now Button below to make a pledge or the year ahead or a special gift of your choosing:



2.  Text to pledge by doing the following on your wireless device:


·         Text  the word youthreachintl to 41444

·         When you receive a text in response, click on the hyperlink to fulfill the pledge or special gift


3.  Send a check to:


                YouthReach International
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Under the banner of Less Is More, I’ll hold off much commentary apart from the video itself.  Click on Day 6 below and we’ll leave it at that.



And with that, Happy New Year to each of you and here’s to God’s desires for us, our families, our nations, and of course orphans being more fully realized in 2015.


Thank you,

Rob on behalf of all the YouthReach International Family



Rob Browne

Executive Director
Chief Encourager

678-935-0220 ext. 103

404-518-5646 Cell

678-935-9674 Fax

          1911 Grayson Hwy, Ste 8-344

          Grayson, GA 30017



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