Monday, December 29, 2014

Year-End Heartwarming Story #4 from YouthReach International

Orphaned, But Not Alone” Year-End Campaign

Welcome to Day 4.  This one touches very, very close to home and heart as it involves a life changing (literally) event for one of our staff/team families.  More on that in a moment. 

“Orphaned, But Not Alone” is a statement of what unfortunately is and what thankfully is as well.  Thank you for working with us to guarantee one (Not Alone) while we seek to overcome the other (Orphaned).  Again, as you read these stories, please consider an end of year special gift to our ministry so we can begin the year ahead ready to embrace all the opportunities that God entrusts to us.  

As we’ve said before, there are 3 direct ways to respond with a gift here at the end of 2015:

1.  Click on the link beside the Donate Now Button below to make a pledge or the year ahead or a special gift of your choosing:

2.  Text to pledge by doing the following on your wireless device:
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3.  Send a check to:

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Day 4’s story involves Tony, Shana, and Elizabeth Morrow who, as of 22 minutes from this writing, will be leaving DFW flying to London, England, and then on to Kiev, Ukraine, where they will live and work to establish a beach head mentoring community near Ukraine’s capital city.  I surprised them by meeting them at their gate at DFW.  That was a memory I’ll long cherish.  When I asked Tony to share just a bit about what they are doing he communicated with clarity and simple conviction what their desire is.  I love the directness, sincerity, and pureheartedness of Tony’s words.  He sums it up best in the video you’ll see by clicking on the link below the picture:

“We hope that God is honored in the work we do there.”  That’s pure.  That’s possible.  That’s probable.  By all means pray for the Morrow Family.  Having packed up family myself a few times and moved around the world I can tell you it’s exhausting like few other things are.  Doing it though with a passion that burns like it does in the hearts of the Morrows is a reminder that this world is not our home and nothing is worth holding onto when Father calls you to release it all and pursue the things of his heart. 

We are literally are down to the last few hours of 2014.  “Hope for Today.  A Friend for Life” continues to be a thought that drives us to do what we do.  Your partnership enables us to do what we do.  Thank you for it. 
Until tomorrow,
Rob on behalf of all the YouthReach International Family

Rob Browne
Executive Director
Chief Encourager

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