Saturday, December 13, 2014

Service in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky from Kostya

God is our greatest hope

Thank you very, very much for your prayers and support.

I have great news about situation with our six boys.

This week I shared their story with one person from

administration security of President of Ukraine.

We have already a good plan and believe it will work.  

On Monday 15 of December we are planning that

kids will write official application for transferring and

if director will rejected it they will go to the persecutor

and ask about protection of their rights for education.

This is Julia and she is in Donetsk now.

She is trying to keep and save her status of orphan.

Because without this status government will not keep

her flat for her. But we also would like to help her find

technical school in Kiev or Kiev area to continue her

education and save status of orphan.

Thank you so much dear brother Robert Hattori.

Our kids so thankful and so blessed by your wonderful

presents and good memory which you left in their hearts.

Praise God for Misha, Andrei, Katya, Galya.

Administration of school so thankful for their help and

example which they show to other kids on their classes.

Nadya                       Alla                         Ira      

We are keeping work on helping our girls from Donetsk.

Nadya will study in Kiev area in school of building.

Alla is trying to be a student in Kiev medical school.

Ira already in Odessa and study on hairdresser.

Hope all our family will celebrate New Year together.

Alyona                                     Vitaliy

Kristina                                           Yaroslav

This winter we connected with 10 of our kids from

Shezhnoe, they will graduate in summer 2015.

Please pray that they will study in Pereyaslav.


Please pray for:

-First visit of orphanage in Pereyaslav this coming

20th of Dec. Saturday with all our kids and few mentors;

-Process of transferring our 6 boys from Dzerzhinsk;

-Wisdom in helping Julia, Nadya and Alla;

-Raising additional support for personal ministry;

-Misha,Andrei,Galya,Katya – maturity&spiritual growth;



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Chief Encourager

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