Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Orphaned, But Not Alone Year-End Campaign Story #5

"Orphaned, But Not Alone"
Year-End Campaign

First, some of you got a bad link to the Morrow's goodbye video from DFW airport yesterday.  My apologies.  Please click on this link to see it.

Our story today reminds me that there are a lot of things happening "on this side" which bless and impact orphans "on that side."  Sometimes we talk about those groups, processes, and events and sometimes we don't.  They all matter though.  One of those initiatives worth talking about today began in May of this year and came to an exciting peak around a lunch table today in Dunwoody, GA.  Again, as you read these stories, please consider an end of year special gift to put us in ready position to launch into 2015 which is soon to be upon us.

As you have probably heard us say before, there are 3 direct ways to respond with a gift here at the end of 2015:

1.  Click on the Donate Now Button below to make a pledge for the year ahead or a special gift of your choosing:


2.  Text to pledge by doing the following on your wireless device:
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3.  Send a check to:

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And now, Day 5.

A few years ago, at Chick-fil-A's Leadercast event, we heard Jim Collins say, "if you are not already then start immediately focusing on developing leaders half your age."  Something about the way he said it and that chapter in my life caused those words to penetrate my heart.  The result has been not only seeking to recruit, hire, and develop leaders half my age but also learn from them as I do.  Let me tell you that has been quite an exciting process.

After graduating from the University of Georgia In May of this year, Victoria Barker joined our Advisory Council for the main purpose of helping me seat the first ever Next Generation Leadership Council.  The goal of the NGLC is to help me and our Board see our Opportunities and Responsibilities as a ministry more clearly through the lenses of the Millennial Generation.  All of our work thus far has focused on wise use of social media, overhauling our website (new rollout shortly after New Year), and building a mobile pledging platform (see point #2 above).  I am very thankful to the first generation of this council of young people who are helping me by teaching me and our Board.

Today, this council met with 4 of our Atlanta based staff and Board Members for a lunch meeting.  It was the first time they've ever been in the physical presence of each other.  It was a blessed time for us to say thank you and for them to understand even better the people in and ministry of YouthReach International.  Below is a picture of these 5 young ladies post lunch and meeting together.

Allie, Victoria, Kristin, Victoriya, and Ohla make up the first class of our Next Generational Leadership Council

The heartwarming story here friends is this: the future of our ministry is safe, sure, and sound.  Young, passionate, value driven leaders are being brought into the conversation and processes of ministry leadership.  Though we hope we solve the orphan crisis in our lifetime, we are preparing for the fact that the task will always demand new ideas, new leaders, new passion, and new resources.  Rejoice with us that the cause of and movement called YouthReach International is poised for impact long beyond the tenure of our current staff and Board.  We think that's really, really good news.  Do you? 

Time is rapidly approaching when our "Orphaned, But Not Alone" campaign will be a thing of the past.  We pray you will respond soon so we all can see the impact later.  As you do, hear our words express the gratitude of our hearts – we could not do this without you and we appreciate you entrusting to us all that you do. 
Be sure to check email tomorrow and hear of the final story as part of the "Orphaned, But Not Alone" Year End Campaign.

See you then,
Rob on behalf of all the YouthReach International Family

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