Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meetings at the office (Tuesday, April 1, 2014)

Peace be with you

Prayer about peace and security for Ukraine

it is the first part of our weekly meetings.

Thank you a lot for your prayers and support.

Kids received their scholarship and they are doing well.

Our kids every meeting reading Bible

and have many good questions and comments:

Misha: “I like book of Esther very much”

Ira: “Why pharisees wanted to kill Jesus?”

Andrew: “Isaiah describes Jesus by interesting words”

Artyom: “I like reading Bible and be with you”

Praise God for everyone who came to our “SERVE” seminar.

It was a great chance to combine all our mentors and friends

who is interesting in leadership and serving orphans.

We are planning to meet after month and have a discussion

about material and how it is working in our life.

More pictures on FACEBOOK. 


Please pray for:

-Meeting for participants of “SERVE” seminar (April 26);

-Peace for Ukraine and Donetsk;

-Health and spiritual growth of our kids (Mathew 13);

-Preparations for summer camps;


P.S. special message from our kids

(Coming soon on facebook)



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