Thursday, March 6, 2014

Look what is happening in Ukraine!


I mean look in the ministry…not just on the streets. 


We get a report from our Director of Mentor Recruiting and Development, Kostya, every week.  I love how pure, how simple, how focused his work is with these children and I absolutely love how encouraged I am when I read them. This one came just a few days ago


Amid much strife there is so much blessing.  Thank God with us for our mentors who are there amid the fear and concern for the future being the hands and heart of the Father to the fatherless in the moment.


God is faithful, God is with us!!!

Thank you so much dear brothers, sisters and partners

for your prayers, encouragements and support.

We are doing well and all of us healthy and safety.

This Monday we had with us: Misha, Lena, Andrey, Nadya,

Ruslan (new boy from the right), Ira and Alla.

On Tuesday God blessed us and we had a trip to Uglegorsk.

Our birthdays were so happy to see us and spend time together.

Praise God for this wonderful possibility of sharing with kids

Love of Christ and Good news, what Jesus did for us.

Like I told you before kids decided that:

 “Spiritual food should be first!”

Praise God, that they keep their promise.

Now they start every meeting with prayer and reading Bible.

Please continue to pray for their spiritual growth.


Please pray for:

-Difficult situation in Crimea, Ukraine (that we will not have a war);

-Our wonderful kids and their security in Donetsk;

-Wisdom and safety for our ministry and team;

-Peace and searching of God for all of Ukraine;




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