Friday, January 3, 2014

When the church fails to capture the hearts of young people
for Jesus Christ many are the things which will seek to fill that void.

"More and more young Russians are joining the Islamist insurgency because they cannot find anything else that gives them a strong sense of mission in life," said Alexei Malashenko, a scholar in residence at the Carnegie Moscow Center.

"This is a massive phenomenon that is very difficult to counter. The government has to offer an alternative to these people," he said.

Those words were published in the days following the second terrorist bombing in Volgograd, Russia. They point to a visible problem in Russian society today that far, far transcends just ideological leanings. Youth in general lack a strong sense of mission in life.  Sadly, the Christian church is not immune to this epidemic either.  

Of all the entities that pull for the allegiance of young hearts - fame, power, education, social status and the like - sadly, the church is far, far down that list.  This is both an unfortunate sign of the times and a tremendous opportunity for the church.

It seems to a follower of Jesus Christ that the church, rather than the government, should be where the alternative for these treasured souls should come from.  Truly, identity in Christ solves many of the mysteries of who am I, why I am here and what difference do I make.  

It's been on the heart of our leadership as of late that making sure a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ accompanies the acts of kindness we carry is out is key.  The good news of 3 young men giving their lives to Christ in Donetsk this past week reminds us the fields are white and ready for harvest. Mission in life comes when one's true identity is clearly understood.  Once that mission becomes clear, truly, amazing things become possible.

Please join us in trusting amazing things in and through the lives of the orphans we are serving will happen in the year now upon us.   

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