Monday, January 20, 2014

The Freedom to Worship

"Thank you for the freedom we have to worship you." Those were the words prayed by a member of the prayer team at Reconciliation Church in Bobruisk, Belarus on Sunday morning, January 19, as she prayed through a list of needs and requests by the church family.  In a way, no big deal.  In another way it struck me as odd.  A few weeks ago I was standing in the common area outside of my office where hangs a poster created by Voice of the Martyrs.  The country she lives in is actually noted by Voice of the Martyrs as the only "Monitored" country for Christians in all of Europe.

The country in which she lives is not exactly open, encouraging or tolerant of Christianity.  The church that young woman worships at attempts 3 or 4 times a year to register with the government only to be told no time after time and after time.  Meeting locations can be taken away for no reason at all, public events cancelled at the last minute and the handling of money is always made difficult. Anything that is not the state approved church suffers being called a sect or cult to be feared and watched.

Belarus, as seen on this poster, is a country where Christians
are heavily monitored.

So why would she say such a thing in prayer of all places?

I asked her later that day and she simply said this, "If I am alive then I am worship God.  It is my choice and I simply choose to do it."

How simple and pure a thought that is.  "It is my choice...and I simply choose to do it." 

"Lord, give us wisdom to choose what is right and then please give us courage to do what is right."  

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