Monday, November 18, 2013

Meetings at the office - An Update from Kostyantyn Voropayev

prayers about them are blessed

Praise God and thank you a lot for your prayers! New kids keep coming.

This Monday we had with us: Ira, Lena, Alla, Lena,

 Fedya, Andrew, Misha, Oleg (new), Nikita (new), Arthur and Kostya.

Big surprise for us was that Artyom (from the left)

came by himself to our meeting.

Also Misha (from the left) came with girl name Vika.

She is orphan and already visited our meeting 3 times, she likes them.

This Thursday we had with us: Alla, Artyom, Andrey, Tanya,

Ira, Nadya, Lena, Nikita, Fedya, Arthur, Kostya.

Praise God we had really deep conversation about:

How to manage and save the money.

Please pray for:

- Wisdom and God’s hand on us;

- New mentors and volunteers;

- Bible study on Monday (Ephesians);

- Worshiping, Mentoring, Counseling on Thursday;


Kostyantyn Voropayev

Director of Mentor Recruiting and Training     

38-06236-4-08-78 Home Ukraine

38-050-050-40-27 MTC Ukraine       1911 Grayson Hwy, Ste 8-344

678-935-9674 Fax USA                         Grayson, GA 30017



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