Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reaching to Russia - Reflecting, Reloading, and Relaunching

Sorry for the overuse of the letter R there.  I did not mean for that to happen but literally that is what is happening right now in the world of YouthReach International.  Our ministry year comes to an end in 12 days.  New Year’s Day for us is September 1 as we launch into another 12 month cycle of serving, training, leading, and releasing local mentors in our host countries to do the very same thing for the orphans they so lovingly tend to.  Rejoice with us at the fruit of the year behind us and let’s look forward to even greater things in the year ahead. 

A few highlights of late to share with you:

I was blessed by my friend Don McLaughlin to bring my family to the North Atlanta Church this past Sunday and share the stage with him for a few minutes as he continued a summer series encouraging listeners to grow as Jesus did.  To think that Don sees anything in our family and our ministry worthy of holding up as an example is humbling.  Thank you Don and Susan and thank you to so many new and old friends at North Atlanta who we enjoyed the day with.  Lunch with members of the McLaughlin family, Bill and Betty Long, Jackie Bradford and Josh and Tina Jackson was a highlight we’ll not soon forget.  To see a video of Don’s sermon and the 15 or so minutes I shared with him and the church there please click here

The last YouthReach International team of the summer, from Fresno, California, returned home early last week.  Kathy Wagner, who leads this team nearly every summer again prepared a wonderful group to carry out of a life changing program side by side with our mentors as they worked with children and Mentors from the Donetsk Region of Ukraine.  Thank you Kathy and Team Fresno.

Tony, Shana, and Elizabeth Morrow returned to the US after being in Ukraine since mid-June.  MUCH good was done by this gifted family with servant hearts we all would do well to emulate.  See a number of Tony’s emails and pictures on the YouthReach International blog.

David Hennessey and our friends at the Christian Alliance for Orphans remind us with this beautiful video that Orphan Sunday is coming quickly.  November 3 is the big day but a task as worthy of our attention as this should inhabit a whole season and not just a whole day.  Please begin thinking now about what an Orphan Sunday event might look like at your church this fall.  A cake auction?  Lemon Aid for Orphans?  An orphan sponsorship event?  These are just some of the events YouthReach International friends and partners have planned.  www.orphansunday.org will also be a great place to get ideas and resources for your event.  If you have something in mind or want to know how to help plan an event just email me and I’ll be happy to share in the task with you.

Have you heard about our Orphan Sponsorship Program?  Many of you already participate in it but know that we are in the process of relaunching it with more children from more cities with more ways for you to share in their lives on November 1, 2013.  Stay tuned for more details.

Finally, I wanted to share with you a wonderful few sentences from one of our mentoring communities in Belarus.  Nastia is a young Christian leader in her second year at the university.  She has a passion for two things:  orphans and evangelism.  Coming out of our recently completed History Makers Journey in Belarus she had two concrete goals she set in the area of orphan care and personal evangelism.  This note below came to me only 6 days after the completion of the journey.  She said, “Thank you for prayers. We started to realise our vision. This Sunday in the end of the day we have made a devotional with our orphans. It was blessed. It’s so amazing how open they are. And they were not only playing with us after the service but they were listening to the sermon. When we were going home that same day my friend from college called me. I didn't see her for three years. She was asking for a meeting. And I said yes so she was my first practice after History Makers to share the gospel.”

Nastia, a university students from Belarus, has a passion for orphans and evangelism!

I think you see that this summer has done much to advance God’s cause in the lives of orphans, mentors, partners, and the staff of YouthReach International.  Truly, express with us gratitude to God for all he has done and then let us stand and be amazed at all which will still be done in the ministry year beginning on September 1, 2013.

We love you all and thank you all for your partnership in the Gospel.

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Executive Director

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