Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reaching to Russia - 2013 Belarus History Makers is Done!

This past week 36 leaders from 5 different countries gathered just outside Minsk, Belarus, at a location more beautiful than I knew existed in that great country. The 8 Core Values of the International Leadership
Institute's History Makers Journey were covered by teachers from Russia, Belarus, England, the UAE, and the US. Prayers were prayed, plans were made, and vision was cast for impacting their spheres of influence for Christ. For many that will mean orphan care. For others, ministry to youth. For still others, church planting efforts await. In each leader a fire has been lit and a community has been formed which will pray,
encourage, coach, remind, mentor, and then one day celebrate as these visions become reality. This is the stuff that makes my palms sweat I tell you.

I was thrilled to share this experience with my 14 year old son Benjamin. He connected in meaningful ways with many young leaders from Russia, Belarus and even Cameroon! He was tasked pre-trip with creating a video during the week which would promote the event for future efforts and serve as a souvenir of sorts for those of us who attended. We premiered it Friday night during graduation to a packed room and the response was enough to put a huge smile on this young videographer's face. It made his dad really proud too. We will be posting that video soon to our YouTube Channel and will let you know when it's viewable. It was a great first step for a young man with a servant's heart gifted in ways different from his father but every bit as useful in the King's service. More on the release of that video very soon.

Two more things. I asked a few times before the trip for last minute funding to help cover some last minute students who wanted to attend History Makers Belarus. I'm thrilled to tell that you we had to turn no one away. Finding a seat around the table may have been a challenge from time to time but everyone who could come was able to come. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Lastly, I have another financial request. I have a need to raise about $1500 to fully fund a translation need we have post History Makers Belarus. The ILI training we taught has already been translated into Russian both for the nearly 160 page workbook and the 19 PowerPoint Presentations that accompany it. So have the 3 Day Regional Conference Workbook and the accompanying slides and forms. There's a small group version of this curriculum though called "Christian to the Core <> " that I shared with our students was available in English and would, I hoped, soon be available in Russian. I
seem to have doubted how much these leaders wanted to take that resource back to their churches, ministries, and even orphanages. I told the delegates that by God's grace I hoped by the end of the year to have funds in place to do that. They seemed somewhat disheartened by that but expressed enthusiasm about using it whenever it was ready to be shared. All seemed well but then something started bothering me last night after our closing graduation took place. Why should they have to wait? Not speaking English is no reason to be withheld life and ministry impacting resources I don't think. I want to accererlate this resource getting in their hands and here's how.

YouthReach International is blessed with a team of volunteer translators who work tirelessly to translate, edit and format curriculum, Chick-fil-A resources and other trainings we create or borrow from other ministries.
They do most of this work for free balancing that with the for pay translation projects which make up their full-time employment. My thought is this. If I can secure the funds necessary to move the Christian to the
Core material to the top of our interpreter's to do list I can beat by 3 or 4 months the promise to have it ready by year's end. ILI, the creator of this tremendous resource, has expressed interest in being part of this
effort as well and will be key in getting the final version property printed and ready for distribution. The hard part though, the translation, is something I think the YouthReach International family can do sooner than

If you have an interest in giving towards this effort please write me and let me know. I can point you to give online here < 
> or you may send a check in to our office at the address blow with the Memo line reading "C2C Translation." Any amount will be appreciated and the impact will be quick and lasting I assure you.

Ok, that's enough for now. Benjamin and I are killing a few hours in the airport in Prague before our next flight to Paris. We have a Sunday evening meeting in London with ILI's European Director to both debrief this Journey and talk about what's next in our partnership. Our family awaits us on Monday night in Atlanta and that can't come soon enough. It's been a great 9 days so far but home is what these two hearts are longing for about right now.

We appreciate all of your love and support and prayers in the lead up and carrying out of this great effort in Belarus. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In Him,
Rob and Benjamin for the whole Browne Family

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