Saturday, June 15, 2013

Morrow Ukraine Update - Friday, June 14th

Hello Everyone!


First, thanks to all who continue to support us consistently through prayer.  God's peace remains consistent, and He continues to bless us in the hearts and minds of all we are fortunate enough to interact with.


We traveled to Snezhnoye today with Heather Hodges to experience one of the orphanages where we serve.  We began our time with a meeting where Heather was able to ask the Director and Assistant Director how they perceived YouthReach International and the work our Mentors and Teams have done with the children who live at their facility. It was very encouraging to hear how much they appreciate us and the positive impact they have seen in the children because of their interactions with us.  Our time ended with a tour of the facility.


Shortly after our arrival back in the city, our mentors and young people began trickling into the office. At 6:30, we walked to the famous "Chicken Hut" for dinner.  Thank you for buying supper, Heather!  We stopped briefly for a photo  of the group as we left the building.  


Tomorrow we will spend time looking at a couple of facilities that could serve as the location for a new YouthReach International initiative!




Tony, Shana, and Elizabeth



Tony Morrow

Director of Ukraine Operations

YouthReach International

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