Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reaching to Russia - Beyond Just Surviving

Our friend, team member, and uber-talented videographer James Hutcheson recently finished a new video you can see now on the front page at  I highly suggest you check it out.  It tells well what the ministry to which you are connected and committed is doing to forever change the trajectory of orphan’s lives in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.  It’s called “Beyond Just Surviving” and I encourage you to even step away from this email for 5 minutes and 31 seconds to go see it.  You won’t be disappointed.  Do come back though!

Our plates are full this time of year but our hearts are overflowing with expectation about what will soon begin unfolding in lands far away.  Mentors, committed to the year round, lifelong task of mentoring orphans, will soon experience a number of exciting events.  Mentor equipping efforts in Russia together with Chick-fil-A’s WinShape International Foundation and Beltway Park Baptist Church in Abilene joining me and Traci begin at the end of next week.  We begin direct connection with the orphans as Day Camps start the following week in both Ukraine and Russia.  That will be followed by our first ever Belarusian/American team in Belarus together and then additional teams head to Ukraine as well.  The summer ends with Benjamin and me returning to Belarus to carry out another History Makers Journey with 30 top leaders from all over that nation.  YouthReach International’s opportunity to touch that entire country will soon be in place.  Much to do still but much to be over the top grateful for right now. 

See our Current Teams page at to follow along and pray for the teams that begin going out very soon.  I told someone a few days ago that we’ve never seen the level of oppression we have thus far at this point of the year.  Whether that has a direct connection to what our impact can be this summer I don’t know but I do know God has shown himself to be mighty in the last few days during at least two points when yours truly nearly pushed back away from the table and said, “enough already.”  Our battle is real and our enemy is too.  Our Lord is mighty to overcome though and even refine us (yours truly) through the process. 

Thanks to everyone who continues to support this ministry, the Browne family within in, and the trips we’re a part of this summer.  Traci and I go to Novosibirsk next week and Benjamin and I head to Belarus in late July.  It’s a different kind of summer for us absolutely but one that we believe will be even more impactful than we have ever experienced before.  The soil is that fertile and we believe the Lord will use the instruments he has in us to accomplish his purposes.

Enjoy the video, please continue the prayers, and know of our love and appreciation for you all,

Rob, Traci, Benjamin, Nate, Aidan and Anna

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Executive Director

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