Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reaching to Russia - The Conveyance of Opportunity

I sometimes become numb to opportunity.  My stock of ministry growth adjectives is running low.  On the road of establishing mentoring communities in and around orphans in institutional care, the open doors just keep coming at us as if they are being brought to our attention by a conveyer belt somebody has forgotten to turn off. 

In Russia…leaders from 4 new cities stretching across 8 time zones have engaged us to know how to do what they do better.

In Ukraine…a fire lit under one mentor in Crimea has spread now to her whole team making possible more year round impact than we’ve ever seen in her area.

In Belarus…a second History Makers Event in late July will equip at least 30 new, young leaders committed to things of the Lord, orphan care being one of them. 

Good people doing great work in Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Latin America, and North America have come to us as well wanting to know how to do the good they do better.  It’s humbling to be asked.  It’s exciting to make impact. 

Literally, I don’t know how best to articulate what God has already done and what he is doing through our efforts.  To stand with us now in prayer and partnership is to position yourself right at the forefront of some very exciting, God honoring things.  More than ever, we need you.  More than ever, we thank you.

A few interesting things to share with you…

Any of you in Atlanta have kids playing baseball at Murphy Candler Park?  If so, notice who is a sponsor this year!  Due to the very kind act of some friends who thought this would be a way to support the league their sons play in and also promote the YouthReach International “brand” a bit, we have a sign on an outfield fence!  As far as I know, in the 19 years this ministry has been around, this is a first.

More than 2000 invitations have been mailed out to friends and supporters in TN, TX, and GA to promote our upcoming fundraising events.  See our Facebook Group Page ( for all the details.  In short, we will be at the Brentwood Country Club near Nashville on April 11, The Crescent Club in Dallas, TX, on April 18, and The 1818 Club in Duluth, GA, on April 25.  These are very special events that will inspire and encourage you I promise.  PLEASE RSVP to if you plan to attend.  I want to thank some very special people who helped Dathan and me get these invitations out.  Fran and Janet have been part of our mail team for 6 months now.  Thank you both so much.  Board Member Sherriann Hicks is always ready to help and even brought her daughter Sydney and sons Jake and Luke to help last week.  Not pictured is Amy Lawson who is working for us part time helping out with events like this.  Dathan and I are extremely grateful to all of these friends for their kind help. 

In Russia, a new program has taken off via our friends at “Best Friend” which is focused on etiquette.  It’s again one of things that, normally, a child will never learn who lives in institutional care.  Only a family member or a mentor could teach such things to an orphan.  We are so thankful for the chance to meet children in the realm of their spiritual needs as well as their social needs.  You can be sure getting boys to sit through an etiquette class is no easy task but given the relationship that Ruslan and Sergei and Sergei have with the boys it was not only possible, it actually happened.

Thank you all for the prayers you’ve prayed for opportunity.  God has definitely answered those.  Pray now please for faith and resources sufficient to steward well all of this opportunity.  That is the challenge of the day along with finding the right words to use to tell this amazing story that is unfolding.

With deepest gratitude,

Rob Browne
Executive Director

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