Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reaching to Russia - The Time Is Now!

I’m up early this morning in Novosibirsk praying and believing…

…that this weekend will be key unlike anything as of yet we’ve seen in this ministry. 

….that leaders from all over this country will be empowered, encouraged, and connected to the YouthReach International community which will bless, challenge, and refine them in their ministry to orphans.

…that our leaders from Ukraine and Belarus are not here simply as guests but here at contributors to this cause bringing their passion, their experience, and their faith to bear on this task entrusted to us by God.

…that Jennifer, Julie, Fran, Josh, Randal, Corbin, Victoria, and Craig are the exact right people to be here as part of this Summit.

…that the time is now more than I’ve truly ever asked or imagined for this ministry.

I’m up early this morning in Novosibirsk and I’m excited.

Your prayers the next 72 hours are key, treasured, and powerful I assure you.

Thank you,

Rob Browne
Executive Director

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