Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reaching to Russia - Why This Matters, Why I Give - Nancy Browne

Meet Our Partner
Nancy Browne

Nancy Browne has served as Team Member, Prayer Team Member, Hostess for US Team Leaders, and Board Member during her many years of service with YouthReach International. Her personal vision for mentoring shaped much of YouthReach's early thinking in this area. In addition to being a regular donor and orphan sponsor, Nancy enjoys "speaking up" for YouthReach every chance she gets. She lives in Lilburn, GA, and worships at the Campus Church in Norcross, GA.

Never in my "fondest" dreams would I have thought the mission of YouthReach International would take root in my heart, my family, and many others whose lives have been touched by this ministry. Only our Sovereign God could devise such a plan that would have me, a recent widow in her early sixties, travel half way around the world to Russia (of all places) as part of a short-term mission team led by my son Rob and his wife Traci. Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone.  It is amazing what parents will do to support their children!  The setting for this experience six plus years ago was a summer youth camp and our goal was to plant seeds of Christ's love in the hearts of children who came to us from several orphanages in Novosibirsk.  Forever etched in my memory are the faces of those children as the bus pulled up to the camp site.  It was not the excitement I expected to see, but faces filled with hopelessness that touched my heart, especially the teens.  A small part of their camp experience was for me to play the role of a storytelling cow named Baba (Grandma) Moo.  

Indeed, God did use that silly old cow to share Christ's love with those orphans, and together with the selfless love of my other teammates, I saw transformation begin to take place.  In a short time, joy and laughter replaced the sadness.  Many years have passed and relationships kindled then with some of the orphans are still being nurtured to this day.  The impact for good this outreach made on the children as well as the mentors remains one of the most thrilling experiences in my life.  The Lord has faithfully watched over YouthReach International's seasons of growth.  Seed planting and watering continue, and over time, many positive changes have occurred as a mentoring movement has begun.  It is thrilling to see youth from the past, along with new volunteers, become mentors for orphans today through discipleship programs which equip them to reach out to orphans in their own society.   And this message of God's love is spreading too from Ukraine to Russia and now Belarus!   Praise God for such a wonderful plan!

It is truly an honor to give financially to YouthReach International.  All I have to do is remember my personal experience and then think of the millions of orphans who still need seeds of Christ's love planted in their hearts.   This year I was able to begin supporting an orphan in Ukraine.  What a privilege!   While YouthReach International is only one means of offering support, they certainly have gained my trust and respect for being good stewards of the funds God has entrusted to them through donors like me.   Just look at the fruit of their labor!  We know God's heart is tender towards orphans.  Thank you, YouthReach, for being such a wonderful conduit of sharing His love.

(Editor/Son's note…Today is Nancy's birthday!  If you'd like to send a note her way just send an email to and I'll forward it on to her directly)


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