Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Equipped....To Answer A Bell

Read this in a ministry's newsletter this morning and had to repost it.  It mirrors what we see so often in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.  

“Being an Orphan in Ukraine

“A bell rings to start your day.  The same bell will signal ‘lights out.’  The bell will tell you when to eat, go to class or do homework.  It even tells you when you can have play time.  You know you will be verbally, physically or even sexually abused by the other orphans and adults you are supposed to trust.  This is life in a Ukrainian orphanage.

“At the age of 16 or 17 you will ‘graduate’ from the eleventh grade.  The Director will wish you well as you begin life outside the orphanage.  Most likely you are illiterate and can’t even tell time.  You’ve been trained to answer to a bell."

Just like the ministry that sent this to me, we are working to equip children for far more in life than answering a bell.  Spiritual development, positive role models, and practical life skills are the beginning but so much more is needed in addition to those core things. The task is huge but the effort is worth it.

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