Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why This Matters, Why I Give - Richard Taylor

  Meet our Partner
Richard Taylor
Franklin, TN

Richard Taylor lives in Franklin, TN, and is a Senior Executive Sales Representative for Merck & Co. Inc. He graduated from Lipscomb University and the University of Georgia with degrees in business. He is married to Stacey Taylor and they have three children. Alex attends Union University in Jackson, TN.  Abby and Anna Beth both attend Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, TN. Richard and Stacey both enjoy any outdoor activity including watching all three girls participate in multiple school sports.

The work of YouthReach International is a work best described as the pursuit of God's Will. Scripture clearly directs us to role model the love, patience and grace that Jesus showers on each of us and to do so in a manner that is not self serving. YouthReach International's leadership consistently demonstrates this in their ministry. James tells us God sees the care of orphans in distress as pure and faultless. James also tells us to keep ourselves from being polluted by the world. YouthReach is the embodiment of this command. They bring glory to our Father with their firm faith, with their selfless demonstration of love, and with the hope they bless orphans with who otherwise may never know Jesus. They have made great in-roads with a mission that is not easy or convenient to accomplish. YouthReach International is poised to have a truly significant impact on the some of the most neglected orphans in some of the most non-Christian areas of the world! This organization is daily preparing fields for the Kingdom of God's harvest.

YouthReach International is an excellent example of an organization dedicated to serving those in need by truly surrendering to the will of God. Helping those who cannot help themselves is Godly love. Serving orphans in countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus where Christianity is oppressed is an act of faith. Demonstrating and teaching the Good News to the communities that house these orphans is simply what Jesus would do. The work of YouthReach International is important. It is what Kingdom Seekers do. I am truly humbled to be a supporter of YouthReach International. The mission they have dedicated themselves to and the intentional and responsible stewards they are make them an organization that I am glad to direct my God given resources too. I wish I could do more!


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