Friday, November 30, 2012

Reaching to Russia - Why This Matters, Why I Give - Erik Presley

Meet Our Partner
Erik Presley
Erik Presley is the President and CEO of ELI 360, an international education consulting company based out of Texas with offices in China and Indonesia. The company, since 2004 when it was founded, has been committed to the worldwide development of people and ideas for the increased wellbeing of all nations. Erik and his wife Shelli have been personally connected to YouthReach International since 2003.

When Rob and Traci Browne joined YouthReach International we did not know much about the organization's efforts or impact. Since the initial commitment to support their efforts we have grown to appreciate and love the work of this ministry.

Over the years we have seen the growth and impact YouthReach International has had in Russia specifically. While my wife and I have big hearts for the orphans YouthReach works with, we believe that the deeper change from caring for them to mentoring them has made all the difference in the world. In fact, in our personal lives, we have grown to believe more in the "teaching to fish" than in fishing model. We believe it is more essential to train up disciple makers than to disciple. As a result of their commitment to this approach, we see YouthReach International's efforts to be increasingly more successful and more impactful. In the arena of addressing the plight of orphans we believe this organization truly makes a real difference.

When I think about the talents our kind Heavenly Father has given us we prayerfully consider where to invest. YouthReach International is an investment portfolio for our talents that goes far beyond a deep friendship with the Browne family. It is a guaranteed return my family will enjoy in heaven. With the deepest honor that's why my family has elected to invest in YouthReach International for nearly a decade.

Dear Friend,

We hope you are enjoying these profiles of some of our current partners in ministry.  Each person who has participated in this project has done so voluntarily and with sincere enthusiasm.  As we are approaching the end of the year and want you to know the stories of all who have prepared them, these profiles will now come to you weekly through Christmas. 
Please consider that hundreds of thousands of orphans desperately need a mentor's care and support, but we simply cannot meet the growing demand without the generous help of donors like you. Will you please consider partnering with YouthReach International in our ongoing work of establishing orphan mentoring communities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus? Your gift right now – of $20, $200, or even $2,000 – will make all the difference in the direction a precious young life will take.
We hope your and your family's Thanksgiving was indeed a blessed time and we pray that the gift of Christmas, Jesus Christ himself, owns your heart and mind in the coming weeks...and beyond.
Thank you,

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