Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reaching to Russia - Going It Alone

As you might guess alone is a word that gets your and my attention when we think about young people our ministry serves.  Children without families are alone in life.  Children on the streets are alone without protection.  Most orphans have settled on the fact that alone will be a lot of how they are destined to live their lives.  Thankfully, YouthReach International is changing that though.  More and more orphans are less and less alone as Mentors are bringing them hope for today and a friend for life.
There is another kind of alone that I hear from time to time that breaks my heart just as much.  It’s the cry of a leader who wants to mobilize a mentoring movement in their church, their town, or their country.  It’s the words that many of us have spoken when we think about how much harder it is to involve others in what we do instead of just doing it ourselves. 
One such leader recently shared with me that exact thought.  I love this young man.  His name is Sergei and he is committed to building an orphan mentoring community in his city.  Sergei has worked with YouthReach International for 3.5 years now and has recently become the long awaited banner carrier we have been praying for in his city of Tomsk, Russia.    
Sergei writes, “I am still praying for the project (establishing a mentoring community. rb). Asking God would show me His plans for those kids. It is an honor to do something for them. Please pray for kids, project and me as a leader. Sometimes I think it is much easier do it by myself than build a team and do it together."
I do not blame Sergei at all for feeling this way.  Building takes time.  Building demands entrusting others with responsibility.  Building ensures setbacks and disappointment.  Even so, building is a must for a leader who wants to create something that will outlast himself.  Sergei is that kind of leader.  He is as humble and as sincere as any Russian man I know and the passion that burns in his heart to impact orphans in his home city is contagious.  Please stand with me in prayer for Sergei as he prays, waits, trusts, and builds a team that will become that mentoring movement orphans in his city so desperately need. 
Sergei, left, and Andrey, right, have enjoyed a friendship
for many years now. Andrey is 16 and lives in an orphanage.
He knows Sergei is his mentor and is learning to live as a
man of God because of Sergei’s influence in his life.

With just a little more than a week before Thanksgiving please know again how much we thank God for your partnership in this ministry.  Even if we wanted to go it alone we could not.  You all are part of this team that is changing lives, countries, and cultures and we are forever grateful to you for it.
Blessings in Him,
Rob, Traci, Benjamin, Nate, Aidan and Anna Browne
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