Thursday, October 4, 2012

Orphan Sunday is Only One Month Away!

On Orphan Sunday, Christians the world over will stand together for the orphan!  YouthReach International has participated in Orphan Sunday events for 3 years now and we are excited to be a promoter of and particapant in this great event again this year.  Before looking at what YouthReach International will be involved in, please go to to read more about this exciting day. 

YouthReach International is excited to be participating in the following Orphan Sunday events around the US:
  • Sunday morning, October 28, will see YouthReach International Director of Ukraine Operations, Tony Morrow, speak at the South Fulton Street Church of Christ in Aurora, CO. Tony will be there all weekend sharing with this faithful partner church how we together are changing the lives of orphans in Eastern Ukraine.
  • On Orphan Sunday morning, Rob Browne, YouthReach International Executive Director, will be sharing at both the morning services at the Family of God at Woodmont Hills, in Nashville, TN.  Woodmont Hills was Rob's home church while a student at Lipscomb University in the late 80's and early 90's.

  • Orphan Sunday morning, Ruslan Asadov, YouthReach International's Russian Operations Manager, will be at the Southern Crescent Church in Tyrone, GA, sharing about his ministry to orphans in Novosibirsk, Russia.  Southern Crescent elder Mike Neill led a training event in Siberia earlier this year along with Ruslan Asadov. 
  • YouthReach International together with the Community Church of Christ will host our 3rd Annual Orphan Sunday Cake Auction in Norcross, GA, at Greater Atlanta Christian School on Orphan Sunday at 6 p.m.  Last year nearly $10,000 was raised as young and old alike bid on and then shared cake with the 100 people that were gathered. 
Please email YouthReach International at for more information on any of these gatherings.  If you would like to bring emphasis to the Orphan Sunday movement before, on, or after November 4th, we encourage you to do so.  See their site above for more resources and be sure to let our office know what you plan to do so we can add that to the calendar of events.

Orphan Sunday.  One day.  One voice.  One purpose. 

Please join us!  

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