Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Few Thoughts About the 4th Quarter

The 4th Quarter. Be it in an athletic contest or fiscal calendar, it matters. It matters differently than halftime. Someone has said, "super stars are celebrated at halftime but legends are cemented in the 4th quarter." Without getting too athletically verbose, let us just agree that the 4th quarter is an important time in life and sports if we want our impact to be felt long after the game is over.
It is no different for YouthReach International. While we could simply rest on the laurels of a job well done January to September, we aspire to something more in the 4th quarter. We are working very hard right now as a Board and Staff to clearly articulate to our current and prospective donors what impact YouthReach International's work in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus is having on this generation of orphans. We recently engaged a group of gifted and passionate Christian thinkers who are walking us through the process of seeing and stating clearly to you what that impact is. Phrases like Changing Culture and Equipping, Mobilizing, Multiplying as well as Reproducing Worldwide Mentoring Communities have all been used to describe what we are doing. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for some new modes of communicating clearly and concisely what our partnership is doing around the world.
Four weeks ago we began a bi-weekly email initiative called "Why This Matters, Why I Give" where we are introducing to you just some of the people who partner with YouthReach International on a financial basis. Some have been staff members. Some have gone on trips. Some have never and likely will never go on a trip with us. All are financial partners though. We are doing this as a lead up to making the 4th quarter matter in a way that will truly last beyond year's end. Continue to look out for these emails every other Tuesday between now and Thanksgiving. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas you will see them weekly and between Christmas and New Year's you will see them daily. Hear why our current donors stand with us as they do and think about what part of their values aligns with yours. As you do that I believe you will see that a partnership with YouthReach in the year to come is one that will bless and encourage you while it empowers and emboldens this ministry.
So let this year's 4th quarter begin but may all we do last far beyond this year.
Committed to that end,
Rob, for all the YouthReach International Staff, Board, Mentors, and Partners


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