Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prepare to Meet Our Partners!

Prepare To Meet Our Partners

No one can tell "your story" like you, right?  

Our first answer might be a resounding yes but think about it a minute.  What about what others say about you?  Can that not impact hearers in meaningful ways as well? 

My college basketball coach, Don Meyer, has an amazing story on and off the basketball court.  It's not all my story but I tell it often and, if I say so myself, I tell it well.  As I have done that people have bought the book, watched the YouTube videos, gone to hear him speak, even contacted him personally (he answers every correspondence), and have been blessed as a result.  His story is not my story but it is a story I think is worthy of telling.

The YouthReach International story is one that needs to be told as well.  Our staff can all tell the story because we see chapter after chapter unfold in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus as we work year round with Mentors and orphans.  Our Board of Directors can tell the story as they guide, encourage, and often serve on teams. Our Team Leaders and Members have a wonderful story to tell as volunteers who go to these mission fields and serve alongside our Mentors. 

Beginning early next week and continuing through the end of the year we want to introduce you to some new voices that need to be heard.  Those voices are of our financial partners.  They have chosen to enter into a relationship with us that is especially unique.  Some of these people you might know and some will be perfect strangers to you.  All have a story to tell though of why they value this ministry and why they think giving to it is wise stewardship of their God given resources.  Theirs are voices that need to be heard. 

The series will be called "Why This Matters - Why I Give" so be looking out for those emails beginning early next week.  If their story touches your heart or moves you to act then consider responding by being one of our financial partners in the year ahead. 

Gratefully yours,

Rob Browne
Executive Director

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