Monday, September 3, 2012

Check Out What's Happening in Belarus!

Hi YouthReach International!

We've made a short report about the events that place in our church in August 2012 and thought that it might be interesting for you to hear about it.

The events that took place in Reconciliation Church in August, 2012:

1) Our friend, to whom we have been witnessing about Christ for 4 years, has repented!

2) On August 12 we held a celebratory Sunday service dedicated to the realization of the charity You Are Not Alone project. At the end of the service kids received a present: school supplies, a stuffed toy and Jesus Story Book Bible. As a result of this project, 13 children (from 8 disadvantaged families) and their relatives saw the manifestation of Christ’s love.

3) On August 25 we held another School Without Borders – a training seminar that consists of three sessions. This time we used some of the material from History Makers conference (that took place in Bobruisk in July, 2012): 1) Intimacy with God; 2) Worship; 3) Solitude and Silence.

4) 3 of our boys and 1 girl have entered Minsk Bible College. So they are going to live and study in Minsk during the following academic year.

5) 12 brothers from our church have done the cleaning on the territory of our future church building and inside it.

6)  We have bought 15 Bibles in an up-to-date translation.

7) In October, 2012 we are planning to start carrying out the following project: two of our guys and an orphan graduate live together in a rented flat. We ask you to pray that God gives us wisdom in the realization of this idea.

8) Right now we are getting ready for another evangelical youth event – GvOzD club. We are planning to hold it at the beginning of October. This GvOzD club will be called Beginning.

9) We also ask you to pray for new devoted leaders of Bible study groups.

In Christ,
Reconciliation Church
Bobruisk, Belarus

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