Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ukraine Update From Morrows - August 4th

Tanya Trikozina  on the ropes course.
All of the kids, one of their teachers from the orphanage, and the talented Shana Morrow 
Hello Everyone,

Yesterday we were blessed to spend several hours with 9 of the 11 orphanage graduates from Snezhnoye at Sherbikova Park in Donetsk.  The main events of the day were a challenging ropes course , a dolphin and seal show, lunch at McDonald's, and amusement park rides. Although it was a bit challenging at times to keep 19 kids, counselors, mentors, and Morrow's on the same page, the day turned out very well.

Thanks to all who were praying for this event.  Our goals were to spend as much time with kids as possible and bless them with a day of fun activities.  Both goals were achieved and we hope and pray that the memories of this time will strengthen future interactions between the Mentors, Morrows, and kids as they matriculate to other Schools in Gorlovka, Makievka, and Donetsk.

Upcoming events that need your prayers:

1) Sunday, August the 5th - Meeting with Scouting Director of the Donetsk Region
2) Monday, August the 6th - Meeting with the Director of Orphanage #1 in Donetsk
3) Tuesday, August the 7th - Meeting with Director and and/or Administration of the Makievka Trade School.

We only have one more week until we begin our journey home. We need God's wisdom and strength to finish well so that He is honored as we complete the final tasks He has set before us.


Tony, Shana, and Elizabeth
Tony Morrow
Director of Ukraine Operations
YouthReach International

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