Friday, August 10, 2012

Thank You From YouthReach International

A Sincere Thank You From YouthReach International

Do we say it enough?  Likely not.  Given that, let us stop here at the end of our September to August ministry calendar and express our gratitude to each of you.  Thank you all for your generosity in prayer, encouragement, finances, and participation in the ministry God has entrusted to us.  It has been a year like no other and one where we have seen at least one of each desire of our ministry come true. 
  • In September we welcomed 2 new Board Members, Sherriann Hicks and Jim Pack, to our organization expanding the instrument of wisdom and guidance our Board of Directors is
  • During the months of November and December we engaged 19 new donors who agreed to partner with us on a regular basis in 2012
  • In January we added Dathan Hammer to our staff and hosted our annual leader retreat using past Board Members, Team Leaders, and Team Members as hosts, facilitators, and trainers during our weekend of training in Atlanta, Georgia
  • February saw us conduct one major Mentor training event in Russia and one in Ukraine
  • March was the month we carried out for the first time both modules of the Chick-fil-A SERVE Seminar in two cities in Siberia (Novosibirsk and Tomsk)
  • In April, we sent for the first time a team from Greater Atlanta Christian School to Tomsk, Russia
  • May allowed us the blessing of hosting John Lahutsky at our Spring Nashville Fundraising Dinner bringing in more than $45,000 in the process 
  • Also in May, our first team on the ground in Southern Ukraine stepped into a new partner orphanage literally washing feet as they went
  • June was when we began a new work in Novosibirsk, Russia, with a new city orphanage which called just yesterday to thank us for a job well done and to give us "all access" for the coming year to the more than 100 orphans there
  • July saw a mentor in Ukraine step into a new relationship with Jesus Christ.  She was baptized by our own Tony Morrow
  • During the last week in July we launched a new ministry in Belarus working to mobilize existing churches and volunteers to more greatly impact the orphan population in that country
  • Now, in August, we close out our ministry year having met nearly all of the goals we set at the beginning of this year
We encourage you to visit our blog ( to read about these milestones as well as see pictures that are sure to touch your heart.  While there consider leaving a comment, asking a question, or sending an encouraging word to the YouthReach International staff or mentor family. 

Our Board and Staff will meet together in mid-September to launch next year's work.  Your prayers for us as we do that are definitely needed.   

Above all else, we simply want to say thank you.  You have chosen to stand with us in a way that is changing forever the lives of orphans in 3 countries.  For that we are very, very grateful.

With sincere thanks,
The YouthReach International Staff and Board of Directors 

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