Friday, August 24, 2012

Technically Speaking

If you are reading this email then you have signed up to be on one of YouthReach International's distribution lists.  Thank you for choosing to connect with us this way.  Beyond this newsletter though, are you aware that YouthReach International occupies other digital space you are sure to find informative?  Do you know about our YouTube channel?  How about the Twitter feed?  Heard of our blog?  There's a Facebook group too.  Don't forget LinkedIn.  We're there as well.

Obviously, what we share through those mediums is tailored to each of those mediums.  If you find you are more of a keep it short and sweet person then subscribe to our Twitter feed.  If you want a full sensory experience with video, music, and graphics then the YouTube channel is for you.  Explore it all, choose one or two, and journey with us.  Your understanding and appreciation of what happens through this minstry will only increase as you do.  We promise you that.

You can "Like" our Facebook page. is the place to start and from there you can actually meet some of these Mentors and Team Leades we love to brag on.

Subscribe to our blog at and you will be notified whenever an update is posted.  Lots of great stories, pictures, and testimonies from this summer's work await you there.  

Watch our videos at  Recent posts include a video parable made by Benjamin Browne in Russia this past July as well as a video tribute to the recently completed History Makers Journey in Belarus.  Subscribing to our page will automatically update you whenever new content is available.

Twitter is one of our fastest growing outlets so connect with us at and chose to follow us. 

Want to know who all is connected to the YouthReach International movement in the world of LinkedIn?  Our group is called YouthReach International.  Join us there!

In our world today, there is no shortage of "stuff" to download, link to, read, forward, post, retweet, or delete.  Let us meet you in the mode and in the place you feel most comfortable.  As you do that you will rejoice at the growing mentoring communities in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus and see first hand the changes for good they are in the lives of orphans.

In whatever mode you choose, thank you for journeying with us.

All God's best to you and yours,
Rob Browne
Executive Director
YouthReach International

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