Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Interesting Numbers From A Fascinating Land

Every summer I am in Russia I keep a running list of fresh statistics and curious truths representing many areas of life in that great land.  This data is gathered only from sources that bother to document their source and vary from government offices to think tanks to various watchdog groups.  I normally hold on to them and refer to them in writings throughout the fall and winter.  I thought I would share my list here at the end of our ministry year though with little or no social commentary.  You may (or may not) find some (or all) of these statistics interesting.  Obviously, very little absolute truth can be garnered about a nation as large and as diverse as Russia from simple statistical analysis but there are some interesting trends and realities we can note.


Without further jibber jabber from me…


·         The population of Russia is just over 143,000,000

·         1,788,948 babies were born in Russia in 2010 which is a record since the end of the Soviet Union

·         The death rate in Russia fell 70% in 2011

·         26,000,000 people in Russia are under the age of 17 accounting for 18% of the entire population

·         82% of Russians speak no second language (reminds me a joke Russians like to tell.  What do you call a person who speaks 3 languages?  Tri-lingual.  What do you call a person who speaks 2 languages?  Bi-lingual.  What do you call a person who speaks 1 language?  American)

·         The average grocery bill of an Russian citizen for one month is $117

·         Since 1945, Russia has had the second most fatal airline accidents in the world with 273 total.  In first place over that same time is the United States with 653 fatal crashes

·         Russia currently has more than 160 commercial airlines

·         Of Russia's roughly 138 million people, about 100 million refer to themselves as Russian Orthodox believers

·         Other prominent religions include Islam (up to 20 million believers), Protestantism (more than 2 million adherents), Judaism (up to 1 million followers) and Buddhism


Do you see anything there worth commenting on or asking a question about?


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