Monday, July 30, 2012

Update from the Morrows in Ukraine

Hello Everyone!


Many of you know I prefer speaking to writing.  I always seem to be able to communicate more accurately through speech.  However, since the written form is the way I must communicate, I will do my best.


We are so blessed to know our Lord Jesus.  I do not know how to thank our God enough for allowing me to exist at a time and place where I could experience Jesus through people and accept Him as my Lord.  I am also grateful for the opportunity of sharing this same hope of eternity with the young people who are raised within the Ukrainian orphanage system.


We recently completed an intensive 10 day camp with approximately 120 kids from an orphanage in Uklegorsk, Ukraine.  Seed has been planted and watered in the hearts of many.  Please pray that God will cause growth and that many will come to know Jesus as Lord.


The activities we will experience over our final two weeks need your prayers!  We want to finish strong and still have several important meetings to accomplish before we begin preparations for our trip home.  We still need and greatly appreciate your consistent prayers.


The photo below is our team (along with several kids and camp counselors) the morning we left the camp in Svyetagorsk (Friday July the 27th) to return to Donetsk.  



Be Strong and Courageous!


Tony, Shana, and Elizabeth


Tony Morrow

Director of Ukraine Operations

YouthReach International






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