Friday, July 20, 2012

The Best Kind of News From the Morrows in Ukraine

Hello All,

First, we were blessed as a group to experience the baptism of Katya Kiselyeva on July 17th!  Katya has been a Mentor with YouthReach International for 4 years.  Katya and I had several discussions regarding baptism on several different occasions over the past two years.  After arriving into Svyetagorsk, Katya informed me that she was ready to be baptized and asked me if I would do it.  I told her I would be honored.  We went as a group to a clear section of a river that was used by many as a beach.  This did not bother Katya in the least so both of us went down into the water.  Many of the people who were sitting near the river's edge and many people who were swimming nearby witnessed Katya's baptism.  It was a blessed experience for all of us.

Thank You Lord for Katya and thank you for allowing all of us on the Fresno Team share this moment with her.

We have been busy since we arrived into Svyetagorsk on the 16th.  Teaching times with the kids occur from 10 a.m. until about 11:30 a.m. each day.  Interaction with the kids in the form of sports, games, and just hanging out talking take up most of the rest of our days.  We are a bit tired, but the kids keep us energized.

We have seven more days with the kids before we head back to Donetsk.  Your prayers for all of us on the Fresno Team are needed all the more as we begin our final week of teaching and exemplifying Christ.  We need wisdom, strength, health, and patience.

Praise God for His provision and for all of you who are holding us up before Him consistently.


Tony, Shana, and Elizabeth 

Tony Morrow
Director of Ukraine Operations
Youthreach International

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  1. Awesome! Much love too all of you! It is very inspirational to me.
    Thank you!
    James Phillips, Atlanta, Georgia