Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reaching to Russia - When People Pray...

When People Pray…Things Happen!


Mentors gathered together two weeks ago to ask God’s hand to soften the hearts of some of the hardened orphans.

Mentors witnessed today in visiting those same orphans at a camp a return of sorts to the openness and warmth of the past.


Mentors prayed that same night that God would raise up more men to stand with Ruslan in the much needed effort of grown men mentoring young men.

Tonight we gathered with 3 more men and 2 more Christians in attendance to thank God for hearing our prayers and to ask him for even more.


Two weeks ago we gathered asking God to fuel our desire to pray more while we also work more to bring about change in these precious lives.

Tonight we cut food and fellowship short to have everyone pray and some pray and pray again for God’s will to be done.


Mentors prayed tonight that the horrible smoke and fog that has blanketed Novosibirsk for 3 days cancelling and delaying flights and making breathing hard for us all to be lifted.

As we concluded our 90 minutes or so of prayer tonight, raised our heads, and opened our eyes, a beautiful evening had settled on Novosibirsk.  The smoke and fog are gone in the meteorological and spiritual sense.


As you have prayed for us here since late May we’ve seen lives changed (including ours), new partners come forth, new mentors emerge, a spiritual depth emerge in our core leaders, passion renewed for our work, and a true community of mentors take meaningful steps forward together as one body.


For those prayers and the ones we ask in advance for us as we head to Moscow and Los Angeles tomorrow and then to Atlanta on Monday, thank you.  Indeed, as God’s people pray things do happen.  We are testifiers to that.


A few pictures of our last week’s outreach…


Truth impressed on a young person’s heart is a powerful thing.


One of the great joys of this summer has been watching Ruslan’s mentoring of Nikita and Nikita’s subsequent growth.


Anya and Irina are master storytellers who got even better at their craft during this summer.  Irina, to the right, uses story telling as her main way of teaching kids at the orphanage she visits most often.


And some people just think they are great storytellers.  Best to leave them alone and let them continue to think such thoughts.


Thank you all…

Rob, Traci, Benjamin, Nate, Aidan and Anna



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