Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reaching to Russia - Things You See, Things You Hear, Things You Know

I see relationships between Mentors and orphans being formed and made deeper.  I hear Mentors say things to me that show me they too are being transformed spiritually.  I know our foundation is strong here and our opportunities for the future are as vast as the needs of the special ones we serve.  Seeing, hearing, and knowing kinda keep me going during times of pain, grief, and struggle.


I was looking at my flash card last night and saw some pictures that add to what I see, hear, and know too.  Pictures are more enjoyable and memorable than words alone so…



Father’s Day lunch at Sun City after church showed me (again) how (ridiculously) blessed I am.


“Hiding” with a camera while Anna figures out the mysteries of “doing her hair” reminds me our little girl is growing up.


Breakaway moments I call them.  It’s when you see a Mentor break away from the group and step directly into the life of an orphan.  It’s the core of our ministry.


Cindy Zacharias, from Smyrna, TN, shares a story in our large group time at Kid’s Club Camp.  The young man on the far right, Denis, is the first person from this group we’ve been working with for a few years who is now a Christian.  That decision is the result of one to one Mentoring.  As said before, that’s the core of our ministry and we know it works.


There’s no one like Masha.  She is great in front of a group, one on one, in teaching, or in serving.  Pray for “more Mashas” on our team here. We believe they are out there (even though no one is like Masha).


Traci shares a mentoring relationship with Nastia.  Nastia has mentored Lilya for years now.  Lilya continues to show us what mentoring into adulthood can and should look like.  She’s also willing to come to our flat while we are here and cut our family’s hair.  She comes for the second time this summer tonight actually and not a moment too early!   


Dima has been with us for 6 years now as a student in our language camps way back when right up through the transition to orphan mentoring.  Watching boys become men reminds me God has this ministry well provided for in the generation(s) to come.


Middle Tennessee Christian School donated t-shirts to Team Smyrna Team Leaders Rick and Laura Chambless to give out to the kids at Kid’s Club.  Thank you MTCS!  It’s great to be remembered and provided for by people far away only in terms of distance.


We’ve seen, heard, and known of your love for our family the last few days as we’ve grieved Coach Kenny’s passing.  Thank you to Joe and Sybil, Tim and Sheila, and Nancy who went to the visitation and the funeral to show their support for the Hough Family.  Not an hour has gone by these last few days where we have not thought about Marianne or her 7 children.  We don’t apologize for mixing up ministry stuff and life stuff in these newsletters since they are so closely entwined so thank you for praying for our work here while also praying for our friends there.  If you would like to send a card to them please let me know and I’ll gladly give you their mailing address.


Much good still to be done here so we turn our hearts towards today, July 4, which is…another Wednesday working day in Siberia.  Happy 4th to all in the US who celebrate it today.  May you relish in the freedom you have in Christ above all else and pray to God that such a blessing extend to all others as well.


Our hearts are grateful,

Rob, Traci, Benjamin, Nate, Aidan and Anna


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Executive Director

Director of Russian Operations



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  1. So nice to see our sweet family in the group. Love from Mamoo and Papa.