Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reaching to Russia - Home At Last

Went the long way to get home but we made it back to a village called Monroe a little after midnight last night. 

Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement this summer.  It was a summer blessed in a lot of expected ways but in even more unexpected ways.  Our ministry in Russia “has grown up” right in front of us the last 2 years.  Maturity is a good thing and watching Best Friend and YouthReach International come of age in Russia is truly a humbling and exciting thing.  The best is still to come!


A few quick prayer requests we want to share with you.  I’ll be brief.


1.       Victoria Barker will be in Russia until July 21.  It was odd to leave her behind but she’s quite at home in her language studies and ministry efforts.  Still though, pray for her.

2.       I leave next Friday for Belarus where we will launch our ministry via the International Leadership Institute’s History Makers Journey July 22 to 27 in cooperation with Chick-fil-A’s WinShape Foundation.  I ask your prayers for me as I travel and for the two Chick-fil-A employees that will be joining me on this trip.  Pray also for Ruslan Asadov who will meet me in Moscow and be a key part of our launch efforts there.  There’s still time to help us with this effort via a one-time gift.  Click here to do just that and thank you in advance!

3.       1 year and 2 days ago I got a text from my brother saying my mom had fallen and broken her hip.  Details were sketchy at first but many of you know the details of what happened.  She’s all better leg/hip wise now and her eyes have stabilized enough that she’s flying to TX this weekend.  It’s great she’s flying to see my brother’s family.  It’s worth praying about that her eyes are still as “sketchy” as they are.

4.       We leave Thursday morning for a quick trip to Watercolor, Florida, before Belarus for Dad and school starts for Traci and the kids.  Pray that we’ll truly be able to rest and detach from all that is immediately behind us and staring us in the eyes as well.


Again, your love for us compels us to great things.  We love you all and thank God daily around our house for the partnership in prayer, support, and encouragement that we share.


Now off to watch the MLB All-Star Game live for the first time in the life of my kids (never been home from Russia this early)…




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