Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reaching to Russia - Changing History in Belarus

I really cannot see how these young leaders whose lives are being changed can help but be used by God to change the lives of those they influence in their churches, families, universities, cities, and countries.  Today, we are beginning the 4th of our 5 day journey together.  If I can believe what I hear from those in attendance and those that shepherd them then this is a game changer for sure.  One pastor told me last night, “I’ve had it on my heart that things are about to change in our church for the better.  I see that this week has put that process in motion.  Thank you!”

I’m flying high right now.  I am really excited about what God is doing here.  I guess that shows, eh?

Some pictures…

Ruslan Asadov teaches on the core value of Multiplying Leaders which he has done consistently in our ministry the last 3 years. 

Julia and Masha pose for a picture during our mid-week excursion to the nearby city of Bobruisk where we spent the afternoon. 

Slava and Alina, newly married and leading the Reconciliation Church, standing inside one of the fortresses built in this area to defend Belarus against Napoleon’s invasion in the 19th century.

Julia, Marina, Gulia, and Alesia have enjoyed greatly getting to know each other and hear about each other’s countries, families, and churches. 

Vasya attended History Makers in Ukraine last year which YouthReach International hosted.  His goal to bring it to his country is now complete!

Kristina spends time listening to and praying with another fellow History Maker.  It’s the times between the classes that really stand out to me.

There has been a very sincere and noticeable “buzz” from so many of you the last 5 weeks about this new initiative YouthReach International launching in Belarus.  It is big, it is exciting, and it is being blessed in ways that I had hoped for but in other ways I did not even know were possible.  Examples of those include:
·         More young male leaders are in attendance here than female leaders.  That rarely happens in this part of the world.
·         Church planters and pastors are not only a part of our teaching team here but are also sitting among those they lead and learning as students on this journey.
·         When Vasya returned from Ukraine last year he taught his pastoral leaders this information.  They took it and began teaching it immediately in their churches.  Many of those who have gathered here are familiar with these principles because their leaders have taught and demonstrated them already.

The foundation here is strong thanks to the work of many faithful missionaries and national leaders who have gone before us.  We are planting in soil they have tended well. 

Our day awaits and only God knows what he’s planned for it but I’m thinking that it’s going to be amazing.

Thank you,

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