Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reaching to Russia - But In Belarus

Belarus is truly an amazing country and Belarusian Christians are simply beautiful people.  We have been blessed, amazed, humbled, and overwhelmed at the hunger these leaders have for the Lord and for this History Makers Journey.  28 young leaders, including pastors, church planters, youth workers, lay people, and university students have gathered with our 5 person teaching team at this tranquil fishing and hunting lodge in a forest literally in the middle of this country to worship, pray, learn, fellowship, and mobilize for kingdom advancement.  That was a long sentence but this is an amazing week.


Bill Fink, Chick-fil-A Operator from Tampa, FL, teaches on Monday about Biblical Leadership. 


Sometimes the real impact of the teaching comes well after the teaching is finished.  A young History Maker contemplates the day’s teaching.


Chick-fil-A Operator Craig Craddock, from Macon, GA, was very happy to see what else, chickens, in Belarus.


Craig and Bill chat with Alysa and Julia about the impact of these leadership truths on their businesses as well as their faith and family.


A morning walk and a few moments of silence and solitude beside an evidence of God’s creative power and beauty.


A History Maker meeting God early in the morning before breakfast.


Ruslan Asadov, YouthReach International Russian Operations Manager and visionary for the our Belarus expansion, meets with leaders over dinner.


Time will have to wait to share with you the vision that is becoming clearer by the minute here as we continue this week long journey together.  For now, just know that your prayers leading up to this event and this launch are definitely being heard and are starting to be answered.


Thank you and please keep them coming.


In Him,


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