Sunday, July 15, 2012

Morrow Family/Ukraine Update

Hello Everyone!!


We spent the last three days with approximately 40 children at the orphanage in Snezhnoye which is one of our key partners in Eastern Ukraine.  In the first photo we have (L to R) Lena (one of our Mentors), Yasha (Mentor), a young boy whose name honestly escapes me but who absolutely loves Yasha dearly, Misha, and me.  We are sitting on the steps to the main entrance of the orphanage enjoying each other’s company and strengthening our friendships.  In the second photo (L to R) Andrei, Toma (another wonderful Mentor), and Artyom are playing one of a variety of kick ball games played by the kids at the orphanage.  The time with these young people from the Snezhnoye orphanage is always a blessing!  We hope to see them one more time before we leave for the U.S. on August the 12th.


Upcoming Events to be aware of and prayerful for include…


The Team from Fresno, California, arrives this evening at 7:30pm.  We will travel with them to Svyatagorsk on Monday morning and stay at a camp with children who are from the orphanage in Uklegorsk.  This will be an intense two weeks!  We will live and work with the children from Uklegorsk but will also spend time with children we know at two other camps.  Your consistent prayers for strength, wisdom, and abundant blessings are greatly needed.


We will try to send updates from Svyatagorsk if we can access an internet cafe.


Have a wonderful day!!


Tony, Shana, and Elizabeth


Tony Morrow

Director of Ukraine Operations

Youthreach International

(325) 439-0501


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