Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reaching to Russia - The Week In Review

Team Shepherds, from St. Louis, MO, and Rapid Falls, SD, are either home or almost home early this Father’s Day morning.  They were tremendous here amid some rather trying circumstances.  With only attitude and effort being what we can control in life they did an amazing job at fully owning both of those.  My thanks to Andy, the team leader and Chairman of the Board of YouthReach International, his daughter Olivia, returnees Denny and Nathan, and amazing first timer Emily.  I thank you all for each word spoken and each action done in the name of the Lord. 

Let’s review the week…in pictures and I am very sorry some of these are sideways.  That really irks me but at the moment I'm too fatigued to sniff out in this blog editor how to fix it.  My apologies!

Anna looks cute sideways too!
Few live out the mentoring principles as strongly and in as committed a way as does Nastia.
Same for Masha as Nastia.  Masha's birthday is tomorrow by the way.  What a treasure to our ministry she is.
"Big Nate" as we called Nathan this week was literally a destination for every child who needed a hug.
Denny's heart for ALL the kids he met at all the places he served the last two weeks will forever be changed.
Emily brought an enthusiasm and curiosity to our work that only a first timer, 18 years old no less, could.  
No, that's not Victoria but they do look alike.  Lena is a great Christian mentor of ours as well with a huge heart for kids.
There's only one Tanya.  Her sponsors live in the UAE and their family LOVES praying  for her and sending videos back and forth to her.  She and her sister Natasha both live at the same orphanage.
Andy, known to the outside world as Dr. Andrew Vick, was whatever we needed him to be including  play friend with Tanya and every other child at the orphanages we worked with.
Oliva Vick is 11 and made her second trip here.  She's about as calm and cool under the pressures of traveling and serving here as I could possibly imagine.  She's a natural in every sense of the word.
Mike lives here full time and volunteers with our ministry.  He's a rock in so many ways when it comes to commitment to loving young people.
That's my bride.  As our kids get older she's able to participate more and more with the goings on of our ministry here.  That's a win for us all!
Anna was a student at the very first camp we held in 2002.  She is now a working professional, board member of our sister organization "Best Friend" and one of the strongest Russian leaders I've ever met anywhere.
Nate knows Andy can take anything and gives him the chance to prove it!
That's Victoria Barker, one of the best things about the University of Georgia I can possibly imagine.  She's here for the  4th time (or 5th) studying Russian and working in every outreach she has a chance to.
Aidan Browne...the happiest little boy any of us know.
Benjamin is now leading and serving as one of our team members.  He heads up his first Film Club in early July.
The Creation Station at work.
Old people grab naps wherever they can get them.
My friend, my brother in Christ, and one of my heroes when it comes to day in and day out commitment to orphans and at risk youth.  This is Ruslan Asadov and he is YouthReach International's Russian Operations Director.  

Rob Browne
Executive Director
Director of Russian Operations

678-935-0220 x103 Direct
404-518-5646 Cell
678-935-9674 Fax

          1911 Grayson Hwy, Ste 8-344
          Grayson, GA 30017

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