Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reaching to Russia - Mid-Week in Siberia

It’s hot outside.  It’s not quite the asphalt melting heat of two years ago here but the low 90s in Novo feels a lot like the low 100s in Atlanta.  Just thought I’d share that since so many wonder what summer here is like.  It can be rainy and 60 tomorrow but for today it’s another low 90 degree day.

We’ve spent two days thus far working through our Guardrails Curriculum with children from one established partner orphanage, one new partner orphanage and one school we share a really unique working agreement together with.  All are loving the material and of course the crafts and games that follow the teaching and small group time are a hit as well. 

Again, less of my words and more of my pictures is what you’re probably wanting.  So…

No shortage of hugs to give or wanting to be given.  It’s a two way street for sure.

You never know what you’ll get when you ask a child who is without a family what they want to be when they grow up.  This young man from one of our new partner orphanages said he wants to be a professional musician.  He created a t-shirt that demonstrated his talents and interests in the realm of music.  I found that very encouraging. 

A wonderfully kind Armenian nun from a local Catholic run hospice came by our camp with a child she was spending the day with.  She did not know his name or how old he was. He was attached to this old camera he came with.  The only time he would let go of it was to
draw with her help during our craft time.  I just happened to see this moment and thought it spoke clearly the beauty of being near those in need.

Our Mentors have, of course, been amazing through this whole time.  One cut short a vacation to get back  in time to start working with us today.  One is battling a cold to work with our youngest group and more than a few not in Russia (one in Iran, two in Moscow, one in the Altai Region of Russia) are writing me daily asking what to pray for and how they encourage us.  I love to think about the width and the breath of the mentoring community the Lord has built here.  It’s humbling.  It really is.

With sincere love and appreciation to you all,

Rob Browne
Executive Director
Director of Russian Operations

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