Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reaching to Russia - Arrival #1

There are many trips to the airport, train station, and bus depot each summer in Novosibirsk.  People, Russians, Ukrainians, and Americans, are constantly coming and going as our efforts here involve literally people from all over the world.  Team members who will be on the ground here with us this summer are currently in Cambodia, Ukraine, inside the Arctic Circle, and North America.  It’s still a curious thing how God’s work in, of all places, Siberia calls the ends of the world to…the end of the world. 

Airport trip #1 was last evening as Ruslan, Benjamin, and I met the first part of the first team coming to work with us this year.  Denny (a Cardinals fan we hear but it’s hard to tell) stands alongside the almost always appropriately attired Ruslan Asadov (wore a UGA sweatshirt when he met us last week…he’s not always appropriately attired actually) who is just in front of Emily who is beside Nathan who stands right behind Benjamin.  Denny and Nathan are here for the second year in a row.  They come to us from St. Louis, MO, and one of our most treasured partner churches, 2 Rivers Church, who we have enjoyed a relationship with now for nearly 8 years.  Emily is the first ever YouthReach International team member from the great state of South Dakota.  Welcome to Novosibirsk weary travelers!

If Ruslan knows your favorite team he promises to show up in appropriately adorned swag...or just to rib you if he has a t-shirt of the team you happen to dislike intentionally. 

We have a last minute vision casting, get to know each other, lay out our battle plan meeting this morning at Reconciliation Church from 10-12 followed by lunch and worshipping with this wonderful local partner church that many of our mentors call home.  It’s going to be a full and rich day for sure.

Your prayers and encouraging words bless us all.  Thank you so much.

On behalf of the children we serve, the Mentors, the Americans, YouthReach International, Best Friend staff, and the Browne family, we thank you all.

In Him,

Rob Browne
Executive Director
Director of Russian Operations

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