Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ukraine Update and Pictures - March 11th

Hello Again From Crimea in Ukraine,

The Mentor Retreat was attended by 7 of our wonderful Mentors in Simferopol.  We were blessed by our very gracious friend Georges Carillet, the President and Professor of Bible and Christian Thought at Commonwealth International University (Crimean-American College), who allowed us to use their conference room to complete our retreat.  Thank You so Much Georges!

Arthur and I wearing the exact same shirts - shows unity
Me teaching (I knew each one of you would
want more photo's of me teaching 

God provided the strength and wisdom needed to positively and effectively complete each portion of the retreat.  For all of you who prayed for the retreat, thank you.  Feedback from our Mentors was very positive and encouraging.  Truly, we have a great group of Mentors in Crimea.

It is currently 2:45pm and Arthur is translating letters to and/or from children and sponsors and I am writing and/or returning e-mails.  

Vika, Anya, Sasha, and Masha -
four more of our wonderful Mentors in Simferopol. 
Sometime soon we will begin packing and preparing to head to the train station where we will board the night train from Simferopol to Donetsk.  We will board around 8:15pm and hopefully arrive into Donetsk around 6am on Monday morning.  Your prayers for safe travel and sleep are most welcome.

Be Strong and Courageous!


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