Friday, March 9, 2012

Ukraine Update and Picture - Friday March 9th

Hello All -


Thanks to all who prayed for a good night of rest.  I slept very well and am gaining some needed momentum as I begin preparations for the Mentor Retreat tomorrow.  Please remember to pray God's blessing upon our time tomorrow.  We have so many important things to cover and I do not want to hinder God's working in and through me so that all I say and do is exactly what needs to be said and done.


I have included a picture of me and Nina.  Nina works at a Kiosk in Simferopol and I found a very important gift for a very important person on one of her shelves.  She was very kind in helping me find the exact gift I needed.  She was gracious enough to take a picture with me, but was insistent that she receive a copy of this picture.


Arthur and I spent a couple of hours this morning brainstorming how to improve our Mentoring program so the children we serve can gain even more from what YouthReach International has to offer.  Arthur came up with some great ideas and we will work hard to develop a plan that can help these ideas become realities.


Arthur and I will continue conversations throughout the rest of my time here and, hopefully, we can gain a clear understanding of some key initiatives that we can work on together to strengthen YouthReach International's efforts in Ukraine.


Again, please be in prayer for the Mentor Retreat that begins tomorrow at 9am and will end sometime around 5 or 6 pm.  Truly I want all of us who attend to receive exactly what we need so as we leave we know our time together has been richly blessed.







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