Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reaching to Russia - A Jaw Dropping Announcement

Atlanta airport.  Concourse B.  Gate 3.  Wednesday, March 7.  I was sitting in the gate area waiting for my flight to board.  Like most travelers these days I was l listening to my iPod and working away on my computer.  My back was to the TV monitor showing CNN Airport News.  I could hear nothing other than the interview I was listening to.


For some reason, I looked up and saw the faces of 100 plus people fixed on the TV above my head.  People literally had their jaws agape.  Most pulled their earbuds out to hear what was the on the TV.  Others simply turned off their iPods/computers so they could hear.  All were intently focused on what they were seeing and hearing.


It was one of those moments where I both wanted to and dreaded at the same time turning around to see what had captured everyone’s attention.  A school shooting?  A terrorist attack?  A kidnapping?  An airplane crash?  My heart sank.  What would cause an entire gate house at the world busiest airport to be so transfixed on a 20 inch video monitor? 


I spun around with a knot in my stomach and got my answer.


Apple is releasing the iPad 3. 



I’ll be honest.  I rolled my eyes.  As I am often likely to do, I started to craft a story around this curious moment I had just observed and participated in.  It’s the curse/blessing of being a habitual story teller I guess.  I wheeled my head back around and typed this:


4G internet causes our jaw to drop but 1 out 10 Russian orphans killing themselves before 18 years old may or may not illicit any lasting response.

HD graphics pulls our attention away from our work but a small army of volunteers mentoring orphans in Siberia barely lifts our heads.

An improved (and they said “much needed”) camera calms the mind of the future consumer but 200 plus kids needing a sponsor does little to move us.



And finally, I wrote this too:


May I be slow to judge others when they see a need and quick to respond myself when I see a need. 


I see a need.  I really do.  And I am committed to a response that lessens or alleviates that need where possible.  While my job is to respond to that need as a leader of an organization, my heart is not always as in touch with that response as it should be.  I have found myself praying recently, “Lord align my actions fully with my heart.  Even more Father, align my actions with your heart.  Actually God, align my heart with your heart.”


Am I alone in needing an alignment of some sort? 


My flight home is boarding now.  I gotta run…



Rob Browne

Executive Director

Director of Russian Operations

678-935-0220 x103 Direct

404-518-5646 Cell

678-935-9674 Fax

          1911 Grayson Hwy, Ste 8-344

          Grayson, GA 30017



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