Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ukraine Update from Tony :)

Hello All!!


Things have been rather busy the past couple of weeks, but I wanted to provide a quick update as to how things are progressing 


I will be leaving in two weeks from tomorrow to complete two Mentor Retreats in Ukraine.  One in the Donetsk Region and the other in the Region of Crimea.  I am in the process of completing all of my preparations for these events and would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and strength!!


Our YouthReach International Prayer Team has developed!!  We have 16 wonderful individuals who have agreed to be a part of this team and they received the first prayer list this past Wednesday.  All of us at YouthReach International (mentors, short-term missions team members, staff, and board) greatly appreciate these wonderful people who have and will continue to devote time and energy in prayer for every aspect of this wonderfully challenging ministry!!


All of our short-term mission teams are set and all of the team leaders have begun a 5 week regiment of living out the curriculum that we will share with the children we will be fortunate to serve this upcoming summer.  We meet weekly to discuss how Reading through, Praying about, and Living Out the truths in the curriculum is impacting our lives and the lives of those we are fortunate to interact with throughout the week.


Short-term mission team meetings will also begin soon.  Each team member will also walk through a similar 5 week regiment of living out the curriculum.  Additionally, team leaders will be preparing their members for their upcoming mission experience.  A lot of planning, fundraising, and preparation will occur over the next several weeks and months.  Your prayers for our teams are most welcome!!


Finally, sometime within the next week I will send out a itinerary of my two week journey to Ukraine.


Until then...  Be Strong and Courageous!!


Tony Morrow

Director of Ukraine Operations

Youthreach International

(325) 439-0501


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