Friday, October 28, 2011

Reaching to Russia: Thank you is just not enough (Недостаточно сказать "Спасибо")

Friday is about the worst time to send out a newsletter of any sort. We’ve all just about checked out for the weekend. However, before you officially do just that, please take 5 minutes to read this and thank God for all he’s done in this young lady’s life. This just arrived from one of our mentors in Novosibirsk. It pertains to Lilya who you’ve been hearing me write about consistently since at least February of this year. Here tis:

Today was the last day of Lilya's training at Dolores school.

As a result of professional examination Lilya received the fifth grade (the highest mark at this class) in hairdressing.

Not every student (among 23) received such a grade. She was given a good feedback and an invitation to professional community of international hairdressers and stylists.

This trip and her successful education blesses her to launch her career in this field and provides a hope for a great future in her job.

She also understands that all that she had experienced came from the Father God and Christian family in Church on Shabolovka helped her get to know the Savior better which I think was 100% worth of all the trip to Moscow!

Tomorrow we look forward and pray to meet Lilya in Tolmachevo airport at 5.15 p.m. with flowers, greetings and tears of joy...

I thank all of you who prayed, cried, invested, hoped and dreamed about all of that. I give all the praises to the Lord that makes all the things possible when we just ask with all of our hearts.

May you be blessed as richly as you have blessed Lilya and me.

Love in Christ,

Now you can detach and dive into your weekend. I hope you have a great one!


Rob Browne

Director of Russian Operations

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