Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaching to Russia - "How is Lilya doing in Moscow?"

That’s a question that has been put to me often over the last week.  Well, here is a fresh update from her mentor, Nastia:


Today is her third day at school which she enjoys very much (practicing new professional skills, meeting new friends, and serving (!) others) and her fourth day at new home. The first family helped her move so that she will not be stressed moving at night during her school. Now she lives with a 30 year old christian woman named Katya. I am going to call her on Friday to ask if everything is fine. According to Lilya's words all is well and she liked the Church on Shabolovka very much (I asked Lilya to join her "family" this past Sunday). I was nervous because that was basically her first time (she was at our home church once) and she did great. "People were great, we were reading Bible, I enjoyed everything" she said afterwards.

I see how all the prayers work! Living in Moscow cannot bring joy but it is possible with God watching her every second! Thank you all for keeping her in your prayers. I told her that there are numbers of people praying for her and the I saw her humble and happy heart...

Thank you for prayers, I am not losing hope for better because God is listening,


I appreciate all of your prayers for Lilya and for Nastia.  It has been amazing to see her journey unfold like this.  Just this morning I got my hair cut here in Atlanta by a former Russian orphan who was adopted, along with 7 other Russian orphans, by an American family in the Atlanta area.  It seems I am destined to be groomed both here in the US and in Russia by stylists who were once orphans. 


Praying God’s best for all of you and thankful that your prayers are the same for me and my family,



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