Friday, August 5, 2011

Former Orphans reunite at "Annie!"

Last weekend, YouthReach International was invited to attend Nashville's Lifesong Theatre Group's performance of Annie: The Musical.  Proceeds from snacks, and sales of Annie and Sandy dolls, were donated to help real-life orphans through YouthReach!  Thanks so much to Alice Griffith and the entire cast and crew for a great job on the show, and for making a point to make a difference in the world!

Joining me at our orphan sponsorship table were Sasha Hennessey and Anna Tomlinson.  These two friends from Saint Nicholas orphanage in Siberia had not seen each other for 2 years, and the last time was in Russia.  Now, each of them has been adopted by American families (one lives in the Atlanta area and the other lives in Nashville).  The show served a second great purpose - to unite these two together again!  It was fantastic to see these two friends giggling together, chatting in Russian, and hanging out all weekend.

Sasha Hennessey, Annie (Laura Griffith), and Anna Tomlinson
stand in front of the orphan sponsorship table

Thank you, Jesus, for providing an opportunity for these girls to reunite, and provide hope for the kids that are left behind in the orphanages!

You can be part of providing that same hope by sponsoring a child in our YouthReach for a Thousand initiative!
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