Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are you a "Fool for Christ"?

You've seen it.  The multi-colored onion domed cathedral that stands tall at the south end of Moscow's Red Square.  It characterizes Russia for much of the west.  It is Saint Basil The Blessed Cathedral, and today it celebrates it's 450 year anniversary!

I've visited this beautiful cathedral several times.  The colors are amazing to see.  Even more captivating is the story written on the walls inside.  Similar to many Russian Orthodox Churches today, the stories of the Bible are painted in beautiful murals along the walls.  I've sat on a bench in one room looking at the entire life of my savior, Jesus Christ, from birth, through his healing ministry, to his death on a cross, and his resurrection.  Without words, His amazing story was brought to life before my eyes, reminding me of intricate details that I've studied and discussed with my own family and friends.

Have you visited Saint Basil's Cathedral and seen the story of Jesus on its walls?  Did it compel you towards a deeper faith?

The cathedral is named after Saint Basil, also known as Fool for Christ, among several other names.  He was known to steal items from the rich and give to the poor (kind of a Russian Christian Robin Hood).  Saint Basil is particularly remembered for standing up against Tsar Ivan the Terrible for his violence against innocent people.  You can read more about Saint Basil here.

Imagine what it's like for him now...  Not his actual body - that's buried beneath the cathedral (and probably not much of it left).  But his soul - in everlasting unity with Christ in heaven - known for eternity as a "fool for Christ", as one that stood up for what he believed and lived a life that exemplified his faith.  This guy's got an eternal reputation for putting it all on the line for his Lord.  How cool is that?

I want to be someone that is known for my faith, living out what Christ taught, and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.  I mess it up sometimes.  And when I do, I ask God for forgiveness and move forward with living for him and his people.  Maybe one day I'll be known as a "Fool for Christ."

How about you?  Would you like the moniker of "fool for Christ"?  Ever been called that?

Tell us your story of being a fool for Christ.  Share your comments here...

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